Wednesday, December 28, 2016

FAT for Workout Fuel? High-Fat/Ketogenic Diets: Do They Work for Power & Fast-Twitch Athletes?

Often times in this digital world of regurgitated, anecdotal social media & bro-science information-dissemination we live in, one needs to pause every now & then and break out their Exercise Physiology text book and review the basics:  Ketones are a back-up/emergency energy source.  Just a friendly reminder: Ketosis for energy production is not optimal or ideal.  Ketoacidosis, should your 'Ketogenic-Diet' (75% daily calories from Fat & very Low net-Carbs), dieting attempt go wrong, (since you're just a bro and not a Dietitian), is seriously bad for your kidneys and health.  Sure, fat for fuel is great - just as are carbohydrates...the way biology designed us.  Most times we are simultaneously using both glycogen & fat for energy production, and it is all automatic and synergistic.  Why mess with this perfect physiology, unless you have an underlying clinically-diagnosed medical issue, like insulin-resistance, type-2 diabetes, obesity, epilepsy, or perhaps are trying to take advantage of the acute fat-burning/longevity-boosting affects & benefits of a controlled fasting strategy, like Intermittent Fasting?
Max Wettstein is a Fitness Professional: Cover-model, published fitness author, supplement consultant & Trainer,  He is also a Captain for JetBlue Airways.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Table Salt vs. Sea Salt: Only 1 contains adequate Iodine!

Happened to notice 'iodized' on our cooking salt's label me thinking..Many of us have switched to naturally harvested 'Sea Salt' for its texture, flavor & more trace minerals without anti-caking additives. However when we trade up from traditional (processed) Table Salt there could be a problem: goodbye IODINE. Table Salt Industry has been fortifying with Iodine in our table/cooking salt production for generations in the USA and Canada because iodine is an essential nutrient & many folks were deficient in iodine. Necessary for the thyroid gland mostly, iodine is naturally abundant in seafood and there is a trace of it in Sea Salt too, but most of us do not ingest nearly enough iodine in our normal diet. So if you have switched to only naturally harvested 'Sea Salt', then make sure you are eating enough seaweed and fish, or also cooking with Table Salt. Also, did you know, there is no such thing as being allergic to naturally-occurring iodine found in seafood?...the allergic reaction most folks blame on iodine is actually to certain proteins found in shellfish, not the iodine. Along with seafood, iodine is also found in cranberries, eggs from free-range chickens, organic yogurt/raw dairy.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Men: Iron Overload Awareness: Too much is TOXIC - consider donating blood to prevent excess iron accumulation!

*Men* ~ PUMP the IRON but do NOT supplement with iron: Make sure none of your supplements contain IRON. I was accidently consuming some in one of my wife's supplements. Glad I caught it: we build up iron in our tissues, (Iron Overload or Hemochromatosis if hereditary), unless we donate blood annually and too much is very toxic! I'm going to blog about it. Whole-food sources shouldn't become a problem unless you eat a lot of red meat. There are some things that help us chelate excess iron out of our blood like Green Tea (EGCG) and Tumeric. But really men should be donating blood annually. Mother Nature already takes care of the ladies:)
Pump the Iron but do NOT EVER supplement with iron if you are a MAN.
Men~ Pump the iron...jack the good. Swallowing the iron is bad.
Next posts coming up:  (processed) Table Salt vs. (natural) Sea Salt:  Only one of these provides you with adequate IODINE: An essential nutrient for the thyroid gland and human life!...

Also:  High FAT/Ketogenic diets:  Do they work?  Do they work for athletes?  Do they work for high-intensity/fast-twitch/power athletes?...hmmm...

- Max Wettstein

Friday, November 18, 2016

Movember, the Asian Squat, Wim Hoff, & random stuff...

     Been a while!  I think what is happening is that I'm becoming one of those lazy humans who only wants to do anything social media related, from my smart phone.  So that means most of my 'blogging' or posting is being done on my instagram.  Also I only seem to post organically, in-the-moment, and instagram is a better platform for that, since my phone is right there always connected, and my laptop is not.  Also instagram keeps my posts shorter & to the point, so follow me there for more consistent, organic posts @maxwettstein on insta.

     November is 'Prostate Health' awareness month and I have already posted about this numerous times, if you want to check that out.  Yes eventually every man's prostate begins to enlarge, if you live long enough, and it is natural and not the end of the world.  The finger-probe is a more reliable BPH test than the blood/PSA test.  And masturbating or ejaculating daily is healthy for the prostate gland.

Squat more, Sit less.
My version of the 'Asian Squat?'  Yes I know I look like I'm taking a dump in the woods!
     In the above photo, I'm disappointed because I'm 3 weeks into my 'Movember' mustache and you can't even see it!  But more importantly I'm doing a resting, natural deep squat I've always done, which is now becoming popular (again) in fitness circles.  I've even seen it claimed a cultural position - the 'Asian squat', because some of those cultures hang out like this...
In some cultures a proper deep squat is a way of life.  Chairs are bad for your posture, lazy American!
...because in these cultures there aren't chairs available everywhere.  (Also see my post on Sitting is Lethal.)  As a young man, I used to be play Catcher in baseball and got really good at this squat.  As a surfer, I squat like this to loosen up my lower-back while checking the surf.  What's old is new again, and even Men's Health mag recently called this Asian Squat as the one move/exercise you need to be doing each day to maintain full-range of motion - of course MH didn't call it that and claimed it as their own novel idea.  Like I said, what's old is new again.  So next time you're just sitting around, maybe opt out of the chair and for this squat instead.  You will be doing wonders for your lower back, hips and glutes.  Contrary to what one might think, deep (natural) squats are NOT bad for your knees or pateller tendon, even during weight-lifting exercise.  The proper way is heels flat on the ground and butt as low as you can get it.  You may find that over time your achilles tendon has shortened a bit, from so much sitting and this is one natural way to lengthen it back out.  Those of you who have always done Olympic-style lifting, (pulling a barbell from the floor), should have no problem with your achilles tendons, as this traditional type of lifting involves this type of deep squatting.  So this is the heart of this blog post, but read on for more updates...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Some recent photoshoot/modeling work, Summer 2016

     Sorry, I've been way behind on blogging!  So many ideas, but then I never feel like I have a free adequate block of time to properly write anymore.  I need to just sit down randomly and start typing and let it flow instead of striving to create some sort of writing masterpiece.  Upcoming posts planned on cold exposure benefits and training immersed in "hard, righteous, NATURE" that I learned primarily from studying Wim Hof, the IceMan.  Also more pilot occupational health hazard items and redeye life.  Training in "hard nature" - I have always done it, mostly with surfing, mountain biking and snow skiing - but its true - it can take you out of your confined, safe, benign, bland, gym climate and expose you to unexpected rawness, ruggedness, beauty and even some extremes - triggering primal instincts, survival hormones and amplifying sensory intake.  Nature will hold you accountable like no Trainer will.  Cold exposure is like a cardio workout in and of itself, flexing all your blood vessels and endothelial lining.  More to come and more on the power of the mind.  But for now, some recent modeling work - because the camera can also be "righteous" and hold one accountable:)  Thank you!
QOR Kit June '16 Catalog cover, photo Jed Smith

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Exit 2015, Enter 2016: What's new?..Zoolander 2, and revisiting 'Why I still model - Isn't it time to retire?!'

Its been a while!  This blog post is more of a personal, ‘house-keeping’ one, so you’ve been warned!

2015 wrapped up with San Diego’s Four EL men’s magazine going on indefinite hiatus, (where I was the fitness contributor), as well as Greens Plus+ Energy bars, without warning, cutting their marketing staff, and as a result, all of us ‘ambassadors’ losing our sponsorship.  So no more Greens Plus for myself after 15 years using their products.  I can’t be expected to go back to buying it at this point.  I’m still working an ambassadorship with Core Energy Fitness resistance bands and suspension straps (my backyard & traveling fitness arsenal), and BioFreeze has been contacting me recently for sponsorship, but I have failed to get back to them in time most likely, which is lame of me, cause their products are ones I was already using, as well as my wife for her massage practice.

I’m still modeling professionally, booking paid jobs about twice monthly.  (If it’s not paid, it’s not professional.)  Bookings have slowed down a lot, by choice.  For one thing, working my main career as a Captain for JetBlue, with two kids & a working spouse, leaves very little time left over for modeling, writing & Personal Training.  Also, at age 46, I have realized the ideal ‘fitness-model’ in the traditional sense, is a young-man’s game, so I have switched to mostly apparel clients, which means catalogs instead of magazines & infomercials.  Less exposure & infomercial fame, but the irony is, apparel pays about 4 times as much, and the shoots are much less intense.  In fact the idea with apparel most times is to look as natural as possible, not even noticing the photographer, (unless it is BORING studio!), and there are some instances where you don’t even know when the photographer has gotten ‘the shot’.  He just suddenly out of nowhere says, “Got this, what’s next?”  Some of the performance/sports-apparel shoots are still quite demanding physically to be sure, but even then, the intensity level is nowhere near that of a standard fitness industry booking, and, typically I’m wearing physique-covering clothing much of the time, so the enormous challenge of pre-shoot dieting and dialing (tanning, shaving, carbo-loading), is all but eliminated.

Going into 2016 my main apparel client is still the relatively new men’s performance brand known as QOR (pronounced “core”- see my earlier blog posts.)  They just hit the 1.5 year mark since their official launch and are gaining traction.  They are mostly for the urban, corporate-yet-very-active man.  Think San Francisco-based CEO or Doctor who commutes to work by bicycle and goes for a jog during lunch.  This QOR-man is also eco-minded and a foodie.  I just shot for their summer catalog on the North Shore of Oahu.  It certainly felt very validating to book a location shoot of that caliber again.  A little backstory - the creators of QOR were also the creators of a women’s brand called Athleta, now owned by GapSince I have been a model for every QOR shoot since their genesis, sometimes I feel like I’m truly a part of their team.