Thursday, December 27, 2012

Perfect Fitness 'Ab-Carver Pro' has finally launched.

The newest & perhaps most effective home-exercise Ab product to hit the market, called the Ab-Carver Pro that I worked on with Perfect Fitness, (maker of Perfect Push-up & Perfect Pull-up) has finally launched and is now available at Ab-Carver Pro dot com  and via TV infomercial sales, and soon in retail sports' stores.  It looks like a futuristic, yet still simplistic version of the oldie-but-goodie Ab-wheel that you roll out to prone with, yet there's more than meets the eye at first glance:

Inside it has a powerful spring that coils up as you roll outward, creating resistance while building up potential energy, that then assists you kinetically upon your return to upright.  Being engineers they gave this a patented, techy name - 'Kinetic Assist Engine'!  This resistance level is fully adjustable.  The grippy, rubber tread provides worthy traction and gives the wheel a 'Tron-Legacy motorcycle' appearance too.  It is pretty nifty!...and it works!  Your entire core along with your triceps, shoulders, lats and even chest will feel the burn, I can assure you.  It comes with knee pads for further grip and to protect your knees.

I fully endorse this high-quality product and it truly is effective.  Perfect Fitness engineers (along with CEO & former Navy SEAL Alden Mills), once again did thorough R&D before going to market with this, testing many prototypes using fitness veterans like yours truly.  With the Perfect Fitness team, it is definitely quality FIRST & foremost before they decide to put their name on any exercise product. 

Here is a condensed version of the infomercial for more info and so you can have a look for yourself.  My co-talent and fellow athlete seen in this production is Lauren Collins:
The direct link to the Ab-Carver Pro video is here:

More on Perfect Fitness CEO and Perfect Pull-Up inventor, Alden Mills and his business savvy: Inc.5000 magazine interview with Alden Mills

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