Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time to Hit the Slopes: Getting in Shape for Ski & Snowboard Season!

Snow skiing & snowboard season is officially upon us!  It’s time to tune and sharpen your boards as well as your fitness, if you want maximize your potential for fun while minimizing your risk for injury.  Make no mistake: downhill alpine riding is very high-intensity and very demanding physically, and will test every measure of your fitness.  Trust me, you don’t want to roll up to the slopes on day one of the season totally out of shape and collapse into oxygen debt just getting all your gear on, suffer from low-back spasms on the morning of day two, or worse yet, rupture a knee ligament on your “last run” of the day.  So take precaution and action now!  Pay your dues in these next few weeks leading up to your first trip to the slopes and not only will you avoid injury but you’ll actually be fit enough to enjoy riding the mountain, instead of just suffering through a half day on the slopes, just to make it to the lodge and start downing beers by lunch.  Fellas we indeed have to earn that post-ski beer and it will taste so much better!  And even if you are in good shape right now with a respectable fitness level, it still will make your mountain experience more rewarding if you add some sport-specific exercises into your routine that mimic the movements and intensity level of riding the bumps, carving the groomers, or hucking your favorite cliff.
This article was originally written by me and published in the NOV '13 issue of Four EL magazine

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Royal Robbins Outdoor Clothing Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign was a blast - almost spiritual, and definitely NOT work!

     Most who know me, know that 'modeling' isn't work for me.  Seriously - who in their right mind could call modeling work anyway?...No one that has worked a real job, that is for sure.  Modeling is a creative outlet for me, extra incentive to keep fit and take good care of myself, some bonus income, and lately a way to force myself to travel to new locations, experience new adventures, and meet new and interesting people.  Maybe that is why I get invited back by most of my clients - I'm having so much fun on set or on location, that I forget that I'm 'working' and I would never dream of whining about anything.  (This is the kind of perception serving 10 years in the military will give you:)  Don't take this to mean I'm not a professional at my craft.  I am.  I set the standard on shoots!...claiming it!