Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Abs & Fat Physiology 101: Your Internal Belly-Fat is KILLING you slowly right now...

     Greetings holistic-health and 6-pack Abs enthusiasts!  We have just released chapter 3 of my NEW 'Guide to Athletic Abs!' DVD.  As promised, all 12 minutes of information from yours truly is FREE - absolutely no hidden strings folks, (I've told you, I get compensated via Google Adsense Ads so I don't have to charge you EVER!)  In this chapter I discuss basic Abs & Core physiology and anatomy, then present my original concept of 'Abs-Awareness', and then dive into belly-FAT (not literally!), both subcutaneous and visceral - the former blanketing your 6-pack abs and the latter KILLING you slowly, pumping your mid-section with inflammatory chemicals and setting off a chain of slow-death micro-systemic events.  So what are you waiting for?  Click the 'play' button below on the embedded video or go directly to YouTube on the link below and watch it FREE now, and let me arm you with the information you need to not only improve your lean-body mass and reveal your 6-pack Abs, but also to make you healthier from the inside out and help you live longer!  Direct video link here: Chapter 3: Abs & Fat Physiology 101

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a BOARD - Planking Workout!

      Light as a feather, stiff as a board!...It's time to PLANK!  Planking has great exercise VALUE because not only does it involve your entire core, but also you can plank anywhere - no gym required!  Perhaps no other single exercise strengthens your entire core as effectively as planking, recruiting your rectus-abs, transversus-abs, obliques, hips, lower-back and more.  But before you yawn out of boredom or claim you've "been there and done that in yoga class", check out my video below where I demonstrate at least 12 different variations of the plank, beginning with the most basic, to more advanced.  Towards the end I even incorporate weights, stability ball and suspension straps!  While not intended to be a sole workout in and of itself, at least now you will have plenty of planking options to refer to during your other functional & core workouts.  And if you happen to be a surfer, this will really help your 'pop-up', when you go from prone to standing in one move!  So check it out below the jumppbreak!...

...and here is the video direct link via youtube: Plank Variations with Max Wettstein Video