Saturday, January 25, 2014

A quick update for the New Year so far! Guest on Wellness Warrior Radio & Interviewed by Project Mayhem Bodies

     I was a guest on Wellness Warrior Radio with host Diane Kazer and her producer Darren McDuffie.  It is long interview actually, but they had some very good questions and had done their research, so it was an easy and fun interview for me.  Diane Kazer is a certified nutritionist with a holistic-approach, an athlete (soccer), and a former figure competitor who is based out of Orange County, CA.  Diane definitely places health above aesthetics, but believes you can achieve both!  We actually have a lot in common:)  They mostly asked holistic-health related questions, travel-fitness questions, (since I'm also an airline pilot), and a few modeling questions.  You can listen to the podcast here by clicking on this link:

     I also was interviewed by Project Mayhem Bodies and as their newest contributor.  You can check out the interview here at this link:

     In other news, I'm glad we all survived another crazy month of holiday madness and are on the other side of it all.  I've been flying the jet, writing for Four EL magazine, training, but no modeling yet during 2014.  I've also been training with my oldest daughter Bryce quite a bit, who just took 3rd place Amateur in the Vans Girls Combi Classic 2014 bowl skating contest, and needless to say our whole family is super proud of her as not only does she work hard for it, but our whole family does.  Also the surf has finally been up!
Max catching a few...