Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"6-Pack Abs: The International Benchmark of a Fit Physique" - Max Wettstein

Highly sought after for purely vanity reasons by many of us, but that’s okay.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to rock a nice 6-pack at the beach.  In fact, that is what I get asked about most – “How can I get abs?” or, “How can I lose this belly fat?”  Well I am putting together a list of tips for you right here – simple concepts that most Trainers will bury in a 300 page book or DVD series and then sell it to you.  I should know, because I too have shamelessly done both of these: Written books on how to get “Amazing Abs”, and even produced a DVD on the subject (Now published free on Youtube).  This is because through the fortunate combination of genetics, lifestyle, timing, location and desire, I was able to become Men’s Health magazine’s primary abs model for a period of about 4 years from 2005 to 2009, appearing on over 10 of their magazine and book covers.  Yes, that Men’s Health magazine.  So of course after, that I instantly felt qualified to write a book and produce a DVD on the subject.

Seriously though, my genetic-fortune aside, after 15 years of being a professional fitness model I did manage to learn a few things about attaining and maintaining lean abs and a strong core, even if only through repeated trial and error of applied Bodybuilder Bro-Science.  I was my own physiological, guinea pig, and having shredded, cover-ready abs was literally my bankable brand.  While it’s true that bodybuilding and its commercial spawn of fitness modeling is highly vain, there is one fact that is undeniable:  We know how to get ripped!  In fact I would argue that no other ‘athlete’ genre knows how to get as lean as the professional fitness model.  Why?  - Because the fitness model has the luxury of training for appearance first and athletic-performance second, which I do not advocate unless you are getting paid for your looks.  Otherwise, I believe we should all train for optimum function, mobility and health, first and foremost.