Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Max is Fitness Guest on Dudes-to-Dads Podcast...'Fitness Tips for Dads!'

I was a guest on the podcast 'Dudes-to-Dads' as a Fitness Pro, giving some of my personally, tried-and-true, fully vetted, fitness-tips for BUSY Dads.  I also revealed some of my Fit-Dad pitfalls and fails!  Learn from my mistakes.
In the Dudes-To-Dads podcast studio with co-hosts Jason Kreidman & Alan Bush
Host Jason Kreidman & producer, co-host Alan Bush, do a great job of prying every possible fitness tip out of me for their audience comprised of mostly new Dads (formerly known as 'Dudes' haha!) Jason Kreidman also happens to be my neighbor and I think they may be the fittest fam on our culdesac - not kidding!  And if you have a moment, check out some of their other guest line-up, as their blog and podcast program is very exciting.

Link to my episode: (Don't forget to press play and turn up your volume!) Below:


Thursday, February 23, 2017

For my Pilot Friends: Travel Fitness - Raising Awareness

Recently I became a staff writer for Aero Crew News magazine.  But I thought I'd share some of my articles with my Pilot/Air Crew followers on here to, and you can also check out my website, PilotFitness.net  ~ If you're not a pilot, air crew, or frequent flyer you can tune out now if you like:)

     When most of us dreamed of becoming pilots as kids, the furthest thing from our mind was that flying might not be a physically healthy career.  We all knew there with some risks inherent to the aircraft and flying them, as far as mechanical failures and non-normals, but we soon learned that with enough training and experience, we could minimize those risks to very low levels.  Unfortunately after all our hard work and achieving our dream job of flying the line, we are exposed to many occupational health hazards.  However, we can apply our years of learning how to mitigate risk as well as our pilot discipline, to also minimize most of the health hazards we face.  The first step towards protecting our health & longevity so we can fly until age 65 and beyond, is gaining awareness of these hazards.  Here are few of the top hazards we face in no order of priority, because the significance of each hazard varies individually depending on our genetic predisposition and lifestyle, as well as our current state of health: (Not medical advice, opinion only)...
Max Wettstein is currently an Airbus 320 Captain at JetBlue Airways, former carrier-based Navy pilot & Fitness PRO