Thursday, May 24, 2012

Travel Fitness

     As many of you know by now I’m not just a fitness model and trainer, I’m also an airline pilot - A Captain for JetBlue Airways.  I’ve been a pilot for JetBlue for almost 10 years and before that I was a Navy carrier-based pilot for ten years.  In fact my primary career is being a commercial pilot, as it provides the highest standard of living and security for my family.  But what this also means is that I’ve had to become quite smart about staying fit while traveling.  So much so, that I’m the resident fitness advisor to our entire pilot cadre at JetBlue.
Inside the flight deck of a JetBlue Airways Airbus 320

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tim Tadder Photography: 'Uber Athlete Future of Sport' Project

     I had a chance to work with Tim Tadder at his studio in Solana Beach.  He does some pretty sick work!  Believe it or not these shots were taken in his studio.  I love that Tim knows he can give me a call whenever he has any sort of athlete-concept shot he wants to develop.  Not only am I local talent, but that kind of stuff is right up my alley and his too and we're both willing to go to extremes to get THE shot and make it work.  He has shot most of the best & relevant athletes in the world...he's the go-to guy.  To see more of Tim's work go to his online portfolio at   Check these sneak-preview shots out he leaked to me:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Perfect Fitness Campaign & Other Updates...

     It's been a while since I've posted I know.  First I had my annual JetBlue Airways simulator training & check-ride to prepare for and pass, (my day-job as an airline-pilot is at stake, literally), then I was preparing for shooting with Hoist Fitness Systems and Perfect Fitness.  Hoist Fitness is actually a long-standing client of mine for about 7 years now - they make solid commercial & home-gym equipment and set the industry benchmark.  In fact everybody is always knocking them off, violating their trend-setting patents.  Perfect Fitness is my newest client and I'm super stoked to be working with them!  They make home exercise products and are most famous for their original product, the 'Perfect Push-up'.  Alden Mills, the founder, is a former US Navy SEAL, which makes it even cooler because I'm a former Navy pilot, so we have this unspoken higher level of respect for one another as Navy veterans.
     What I can truthfully say with all sincerity about both of these companies is that their products are not only well-built and of the highest quality materials, but they also WORK as advertised and are effective!  (They are not competitors BTW - lucky for me:)  I can also go on record stating not only am I comfortable endorsing all their respective equipment, but I'm proud to!...Proud to be the 'face' for their brands to whatever degree they choose to use me.  The word 'campaign' is thrown around a lot in the talent industry by us bragging, narcissistic model-types, and I don't even honestly know exactly what it means, but since I've been working with Hoist consistently for 7 years, as their most photographed model, I'm calling that a campaign, haha!  And, kicking off our first shoot to launch their newest (still secret) Ab-exercise product, CEO Alden Mills told me and my co-talent Lauren Collins, that we were the new "poster fitness-evangelists" for Perfect Fitness, so I'm calling this a campaign as well!