Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Some recent photoshoot/modeling work, Summer 2016

     Sorry, I've been way behind on blogging!  So many ideas, but then I never feel like I have a free adequate block of time to properly write anymore.  I need to just sit down randomly and start typing and let it flow instead of striving to create some sort of writing masterpiece.  Upcoming posts planned on cold exposure benefits and training immersed in "hard, righteous, NATURE" that I learned primarily from studying Wim Hof, the IceMan.  Also more pilot occupational health hazard items and redeye life.  Training in "hard nature" - I have always done it, mostly with surfing, mountain biking and snow skiing - but its true - it can take you out of your confined, safe, benign, bland, gym climate and expose you to unexpected rawness, ruggedness, beauty and even some extremes - triggering primal instincts, survival hormones and amplifying sensory intake.  Nature will hold you accountable like no Trainer will.  Cold exposure is like a cardio workout in and of itself, flexing all your blood vessels and endothelial lining.  More to come and more on the power of the mind.  But for now, some recent modeling work - because the camera can also be "righteous" and hold one accountable:)  Thank you!
QOR Kit June '16 Catalog cover, photo Jed Smith

More core QOR, Photo Jed Smith

Beach sprints.  100% effort = maximum value & Growth Hormone trigger, Photo Franz Krachtus

For Lake Healthy Living magazine July 16 issue.  My father used to play Pro ball and coach in Central Florida, so this photo is sort of a tribute to him and Lake County.  Photo Franz Krachtus

For Lake Healthy Living magazine, July 16 issue, photo by Franz Krachtus
My daughter Summer stole the show on this shoot.  Photo by Franz Krachtus


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