Monday, January 28, 2013

'Guide to Athletic ABS!' DVD Chapter 4: Making Fitness Fun

So what most of you who have actually been following our slow (but FREE) release of my 'Guide to Athletic ABS!' DVD (featuring Chelsea Cruz), might not realize is that:
1. We shot the ENTIRE 'DVD' in 1 day. (To put this in real-world perspective, for the Perfect Fitness 'Ab-Carver Pro' I just did, we shot for a 12 hour day to produce a 1 MINUTE TV spot!)
2. We shot the entire DVD in 1 take.
3. We shot it in January '12, (1 year ago today!) when the sun was setting around 5:15 PM, so daylight to film in was scarce!
4. The executive producer, Gregory Mantell, happens to NOT be an 'early-bird' and he was sleeping on my sofa.  At 0600 on shoot day, I was running around amping getting everything ready and he was literally out cold dreaming.  We didn't start rolling camera until almost 9 AM!
5. We shot at 4 different locations and we managed to pull it off, but as you will see in this latest and final chapter, (Making Fitness Fun!), we kind of ran out of light & subsequently footage, so its just a fun little bonus of clips, but if nothing else you get to see the beautiful & fit, Chelsea Cruz bust out some dance moves, so it's worth pressing play!

But what is cool, is we released the entire high-def 'DVD' on YouTube, FREE - over 60 minutes of jam-packed information on exercise, nutrition, my holistic-approach, 'Abs-Awareness', basic abs & core physiology, and more.  So be sure to hit up YouTube and just search 'Max Wettstein's Guide to Athletic ABS!' and all 4 chapters will come up...perhaps not in order.  While there, you will also see trailers for my first DVD, my Guide to 'Amazing ABS!' - only avail on DVD, but hit me up if you want a copy.

Making fitness FUN, is the key, if you want to keep it consistent and not be limited by traditional fatigue barriers acknowledged during blander workouts.  Once it becomes fun, you forget about the grueling time left on the clock, and exist in the present moment, and trigger reward-neurotransmitter dopamine, and want to keep going.  The easiest way to achieve this is to participate in some kind of sport. I'm not saying that you don't have to push yourself or feel some sort of discomfort from exertion, but if you're adequately challenged & immersed in something physical that you enjoy, you're more likely to push through and charge ahead, upping your intensity inherently.

Here's a sample of Chelsea & I making fitness fun in our own unique ways, yet still an effective full-body, FUNctional workout:

...and the direct link here: 'Max Wettstein's Guide to Athletic ABS!: Making Fitness Fun!'

Some folks have it in them to torture themselves for hours on a treadmill, or bootcamp class, but if that is not your style, then FIND YOUR SPORT!
Max  & Chelsea

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Men's Fitness magazine editorial & workouts, FEB '13 Issue

I have a few workouts in the Men's Fitness magazine FEB 2013 issue shot by photographer Dustin Snipes.  I did not write these workouts, but while doing them for the shoot, I did find them to be technically correct and effective.  Pick up a copy on stands now, or subscribe digitally, or just go to their website and check them out.  Thanks for your interest! - Max