Tuesday, November 25, 2014

QOR Men's Performance Apparel - My new client!

     QOR (pronounced 'core') is a new, cutting age men's performance clothing company.  I am honored to get in on the ground floor as one of their 'core' models!  A little back-story, the smart people behind QOR are also the same ones who started the Athleta brand for women.  Athleta, recently acquired by Gap, grew up and so big it kind of lost their interest so they are now channeling their passion into launching a high-performance, sophisticated men's clothing line aimed to inspire men of all ages.  QOR is based up in the San Francisco area.  My last shoot took place in Petaluma in Sonoma County, and I believe they have a corporate office there.
     Besides the amazing clothing which looks great whether you're climbing a mountain, biking to the office, or in an office meeting, (it's discrete, sophisticated, high performing, active wear in a nutshell), this type of client is what inspires me lately because, it matches where I'm at in my life, and, those who know me, know my wardrobe must be functional first, or I'm not wearing it!  Function is my style haha!  But QOR let's you have both while keeping things simple for guys who are too busy to shop.
     The shoots are indeed physically demanding, and outdoors much of the time, which suits me perfectly.  (This coming from a 12 year fitness-model veteran...) You can take the model out of the fitness industry but you can't take the fitness out of the model.  Does that make sense?  What I mean is, sometimes I don't do very well on shoots if there is no physical challenge or outdoor adventure associated with it.  Training nonstop and being uber fit is in my blood and I can't stop/won't stop, but alas now in my forties my fitness goals have shifted to more of a longevity and holistic health frame of mind, and besides, clothing fits better and looks better with less (muscle) bulk!
Learn more about QOR men's performance clothing at their website: QORKit.com!  Follow them on FB, Twitter and Insta too!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Prostate Health and Prostate Cancer Awareness - It's 'Movember'!

Since it is ‘No shave November’, AKA Movember, I thought I would make this month’s nutrition topic about foods that promote a healthy prostate!  But in addition to some healthy food choices, I can’t help but also give you some lifestyle tips as well, to maintain a healthy prostate as you age into your forties, fifties and beyond.  For example, did you know that regular ejaculation is absolutely one of the healthiest things you can do for your prostate?  To be more specific, a recent study (don’t ask me how they studied this), showed that men age 40 and over who ejaculated at least 21 times per month were at 33% lower risk for developing enlarged prostate gland, or prostate cancer than those who ejaculated less frequently.  Obviously the safest but least fun way to accomplish this is through masturbation, because increasing sex partners will increase your risk of exposure to many other STDs which could be more way more life threatening than prostate cancer!
Why should you be so concerned with your prostate anyway?  Well doctors recommend at age 40 that you get your first prostate check, by having your rectum probed with the finger of a medical expert.  This type of check will allow a doctor to manually feel your prostate gland and see if it is enlarged or has any lumps, or hard spots.  At age 50 doctors recommend a prostate check every year, by either manual check through the rectum or a blood lab PSA test (Prostate Specific Antigen test).  The problem with blood PSA tests is they are really only useful when several tests are taken over a period of time detect a trend.  Because your PSA levels can acutely rise into a risk-alert level through many activities such as sexual intercourse, bicycling or any other kind of trauma near that area of your body.  Even a sitting too long during a road trip can spike your PSA levels, possibly alarming you and your doctor for no reason.  So as unpleasant and as violating as it may be, many experts feel that the manual finger-insertion check is more accurate and reliable than a blood PSA test.  What all these tests are trying to check for is early onset of enlarged prostate gland, medically known as ‘Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia’ or BPH.  BPH can then be a precursor to prostate cancer, which at least is considered very curable and isn’t likely to kill you.  But still nobody wants cancer!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Value of Hiring a Professional Fitness Model vs. a Pro Athlete.

     I used to make fun of my own kind ('fitness' models), because we have so much emphasis put upon our appearance and aren't perceived as true athletes, however after doing this gig for 14 years I've come to value this title again, because when you need a fit body to exercise literally all day long with no whining or pampering, and make your prototype product or apparel look flawless, and be able to basically reproduce any sport or fake it pretty darn well with zero rehearsal, the pro Fitness Model will kick the pro athlete's ass 9 times out of 10.  Making the client's product look amazing is our sport!
     Not trying to take away anything from the professional athlete.  In fact many of you know I have always tried to draw parallels between myself and what I do as a working fitness model with professional athletes.  I've always advocated and almost preached, "function over aesthetics", "performance over aesthetics", and claimed I was in a sense a 'holistic athlete'.