Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Function Vs. Aesthetics: Finding Optimal Balance

     Athletes can't weight-train with the intent to completely blast a certain muscle group to total failure because then they're too damaged & sore to complete their functional workouts properly - Then it becomes like training with an injury at that point.  Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) caused by micro-tears in the muscle fibers due to heavy lifting, peaks up to 36 hours post workout, with full recovery taking up to 72 hours or longer.  That's a long time to have your other workouts or activities negatively affected to some degree.  It should at least cause you or your trainer or coach to pause to consider workout strategy and when it is ideal, if ever, to train to failure.
There's always a training trade-off but there is an optimal balance for all of us. #HolisticAthlete

     I rarely train to total failure in the weight-room: However I always give 100% on the 'court', which becomes a maximum effort workout in itself.  You have to ask yourself, "What is my primary training goal in the weight-room?", because it's always a trade-off:  Gaining muscle-mass or gaining function for your sport?  Aesthetics Vs. Performance?  For me I want to MOVE better & faster - so aesthetics is always secondary goal, but still important given my employment as a fitness-MODEL.

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