Friday, July 13, 2012

Max Wettstein's Guide to ATHLETIC ABS! DVD Chapter 1: The Exercises

...Now avail for viewing & sharing FREE via YouTube...featuring Chelsea Cruz...we have just released Chapter 1, of my NEW 'Guide to Athletic ABS!' DVD, The Exercises.  10 minutes of nothing but the effective exercises that I use to strengthen & sculpt my lean ABS & core, in HD.  We decided that FREE is better and that you like FREE stuff, and that folks like to watch media on their tablets & smart-phones and not on a DVD player, so that's why we went straight to YouTube with this production.  It will be available for iTunes download soon.  And here it is embedded in my blog...

...and the direct link to the YouTube video here: Max Wettstein's Guide to Athletic ABS!: Exercises

     There are 4 more chapters coming, released monthly to include Nutrition, Abs-Physiology, Abs-Awareness & Making Fitness Fun, all featuring Chelsea Cruz as well, so stay tuned!  Big thanks to Gregory Mantell for producing!  You can also always go to my Abs & Core web page (also FREE), at anytime for my complete body of work in this area, to include reducing internal belly-fat, Syndrome-X & Metabolic Syndrome.  I have done more research in this field of flattening bellies and reducing internal, visceral-fat & inflammation than anybody else you know, I assure you, and it's all posted for FREE.  Why?  Because that is how I roll - Life has been good to me and I'm paying it forward!

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