Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tribute to Fitness Icon Greg Plitt: R.I.P. - 'Be Remembered'

Tribute to Greg Plitt - R.I.P.

     I'll never forget the day I met Greg Plitt.  We were both booked to shoot some workout editorials for a fitness magazine in Laguna Beach in 2006.  You hear the term 'Adonis' thrown around a lot in the fitness model world, but Greg truly stood out among all the others.  He wasn't that huge or massive - only 6'1, but his proportions and body structure were that of a comic book super hero.  You couldn't help but stare at his physique, and it didn't matter if you were man or woman, gay or straight.  What seemed to set him apart was his very large collarbones and shoulder width, which then perfectly tapered into a 32" waist.  I saw him as genetically gifted.  Because while many others had to try and re-proportion their bodies through bodybuilding, then diet, or take steroids to even have a chance at landing a magazine cover, Greg had the underlying genetic, skeletal structure that would always make him stand out.  Of course on top of that perfect frame, he trained like an animal, with discipline of an Army Ranger.  Greg was the full package.  Everybody that ever booked a job with him and was simultaneously on set shooting with him, were envious and even jealous of his amazing physique, yet he was cool and such a stud that we all had a man-crush on him at the same time.  Because during the post-shoot after hours he was an absolute blast to hang out with...the life of the party, like only an Army Ranger can party.  Fitness models couldn't even hang with him off set in the club either.
On a fitness infomercial set with Greg circa 2009
     But there was so much more to Greg, the one I got to know for a few year period between 2007 and 2014.  He was very disciplined and smart.  He was basically a General Contractor who could build anything.  He was an adventure-seeker and all-around athlete.  He came to serve as his own production company, and video editor.  He launched his own brand of training and workout plans and videos.  He was a TV celebrity and a Trainer, and even did some acting.  If he liked you and got to know you he would give you the shirt off his back and open up his home to you.  He was perhaps the most inspirational fitness personality I ever came across.  Clark Bartram being 2nd.  He had several hundred fitness magazine covers before we all stopped counting.  He was unofficially, officially titled the '#1 Fitness Model in the World' just a few years ago, for his physique, all his covers, and his collective body of work.  At least his peers gave him this title!  I believe one of his mentors and friends Frank Sepe also gave him this title.  Soon, every fitness model out there started making videos and launching their own youtube channels, including myself, and it was obvious that we were all being inspired by and even copying Greg's production style and personality, and shoot locations.
     However, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but there could be no duplication.  Greg was so sincere and so extreme in his workout videos...and risk was part of his brand.  He always pushed the envelope.  Perhaps that began when he was brought up a 2X All-American wrestler and a US Army Ranger.  Greg seemed to be relentless and uncompromising in his commitment to fitness, personal excellence and integrity.  After all, We "only have one life to live - make it count." - RIP Greg Plitt from your friend in fitness Max Wettstein - you are now legend.

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     The media really had a lot of negative hype to say about Greg shooting on the railroad tracks "without a permit", basically implying this was rare and reckless behavior on Greg's part, and very illegal.  Truth be told, as anybody can tell you who lives anywhere near train tracks, many of us upstanding citizens are illegally crossing them on a daily basis and the law is rarely if ever enforced as it would be near impossible to cite all of us.  And although the tracks were a favorite shot location for Greg, many of us shot on the train tracks, often.  Here is shot I did on the tracks back in 2009, taken by Anthony Ray Shane, and I will be first to be proud to admit, it was inspired by Greg.
photo by Anthony Ray Shane

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