Tuesday, November 25, 2014

QOR Men's Performance Apparel - My new client!

     QOR (pronounced 'core') is a new, cutting age men's performance clothing company.  I am honored to get in on the ground floor as one of their 'core' models!  A little back-story, the smart people behind QOR are also the same ones who started the Athleta brand for women.  Athleta, recently acquired by Gap, grew up and so big it kind of lost their interest so they are now channeling their passion into launching a high-performance, sophisticated men's clothing line aimed to inspire men of all ages.  QOR is based up in the San Francisco area.  My last shoot took place in Petaluma in Sonoma County, and I believe they have a corporate office there.
     Besides the amazing clothing which looks great whether you're climbing a mountain, biking to the office, or in an office meeting, (it's discrete, sophisticated, high performing, active wear in a nutshell), this type of client is what inspires me lately because, it matches where I'm at in my life, and, those who know me, know my wardrobe must be functional first, or I'm not wearing it!  Function is my style haha!  But QOR let's you have both while keeping things simple for guys who are too busy to shop.
     The shoots are indeed physically demanding, and outdoors much of the time, which suits me perfectly.  (This coming from a 12 year fitness-model veteran...) You can take the model out of the fitness industry but you can't take the fitness out of the model.  Does that make sense?  What I mean is, sometimes I don't do very well on shoots if there is no physical challenge or outdoor adventure associated with it.  Training nonstop and being uber fit is in my blood and I can't stop/won't stop, but alas now in my forties my fitness goals have shifted to more of a longevity and holistic health frame of mind, and besides, clothing fits better and looks better with less (muscle) bulk!
Learn more about QOR men's performance clothing at their website: QORKit.com!  Follow them on FB, Twitter and Insta too!


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