Monday, February 11, 2013

Max invited to become honorary Raw Brah!

So if you haven't heard of the Raw Brahs, now you have, as I am here to tell you about them.  They are 3 brothers who are part of the holistic-health movement.  They are 'raw' in many senses of the meaning of this word: They're are not following a raw-diet per say, but do incorporate raw foods, but more importantly, they are so into experiencing life and living it to the fullest, organically, that they are very raw - and RADical - in this regard.  Their level of stoke on life is perhaps unparalleled, and their fun-meter is always pegged!

They're not your standard, run-of-the-mill, bland fitness dudes running around flexing in the mirror.  They are anything BUT gym-rats.  They're reFRESHing and for sure will help you take your training & nutrition to new levels, outside the your comfort-zone-box.  Talk about a paradigm shift!  They come across as having no egos, yet are very studly & confident.  They're sincere, candid and welcoming, and are a nice change from the narcissism that runs rampant in our fitness 'industry'.
You get the sense they're truly in it to help others and that they answer to a greater calling - as opposed to the standard, self-promotional social posts & videos, by folks pretending to be selfless, that we see so often among so many of our peers.
So this week, they held open video submissions to upload to their youtube channel.  They were looking for new workouts in exchange for cross-promotion, but I dig these guys so much, my submission ended up coming off as more of a tribute, or endorsement of them, which is fine by me, but now I owe them a workout video!  (I had no camera-woman, AKA my wife or daughter, the day of filming and our weather was sub-par.)
Here is the video I produced for the Raw Brahs, which they then re-edited & posted on their channel as a slightly different version - but this is my original video here:
And the direct link HERE: Max Wettstein endorses the Raw Brahs! video
...and you can can follow them on FaceBook at
...or go directly to their website at
"Optimum health is my method of Life!"

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