Friday, February 22, 2013

ABS are NOT Made in the Kitchen...

Abs are NOT “made in the kitchen”
…they’re not made in the kitchen any more than they’re made in the gym, or made in the bed!
Just because something is repeated over and over again doesn’t make it truth.  It may be cool & cliché but that still doesn’t make it TRUTH.  Shame on all my fitness colleagues out there who keep posting this statement: ‘Abs are made in the kitchen.’  This is an ignorant statement that only teaches part of the formula for sculpting and acquiring lean 6-Pack Abs – The international benchmark of a fit physique.  Just take a moment to consider this statement and you will quickly agree that it makes no sense and in fact you should take this as an insult to your intelligence!  I’m hereby charging YOU to make sure this nonsensical cliché never gets repeated again – the buck must stop with you and I!

But for entertainment purposes and for the sake of naivety, let’s examine this statement at face value and interpret it literally:  So if Abs are indeed made in the kitchen then by deductive reasoning it implies that all one has to do to reveal their dream abs is watch what they eat, i.e.…eat clean with discipline and do not overeat, and voila!...6-pack Abs will suddenly appear!  Okay, okay, so far this is not too far of a stretch for the eager newbie.  However since this kitchen-trumps-all theory does not require you to exercise, slowly but surely, eventually all your muscle mass would atrophy, your metabolism would go into hibernation from your sedentary lifestyle, and your fitness would tank.  Not only would your body composition spiral downward as your muscle vanished, but your physiology would become dysfunctional too.  Without exercise, humans become insulin-resistant and glucose-intolerant, unable to metabolize carbs efficiently or access them for energy among a laundry list of other problems!  Long story short, eventually we would transform into a skinny, soft, frail, unfit & unhealthy person.   In other words, we would be ‘skinny-fat’ – gross!  We’ve all encountered folks like this right?  They look sickly, depleted and androgynous from stunted hormone levels.  And they move like a snail-zombie.  No thanks!
So you can bet when applying basic logic and in conclusion, that Abs are made through a holistic, lifestyle approach combining nutrition, exercise, sleep, and genetic components!  Not one of these components can be minimized or ignored.  They all are equal players!  I should know – lean, sculpted Abs & a flat, tone gut are my bread & butter!  Check out my Lean-Body pyramid…

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And for the sake of core anatomy, please join me in the battle against all the fitness industry charlatans by getting educated and spreading the word…Abs are NOT made in the kitchen!

P.S. - On a personal, anecdotal note, you would be surprised at what I can get away with eating at times, and the amounts of it, because I'm so active and exercise so much!  In fact one could argue that 'Abs are made in the gym', or even that 'Abs are pre-determined by Genetic Structure.'...
Nuff said,

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