Friday, November 9, 2012

Maui Family Vacation:) A surf trip sorta!..

     For the record you can never technically call a family vacation a 'Surf Trip' - and I've known this! Even if the whole family surfs, eventually the wife and kids will demand a break from the constant search...from all the gear...from all the risks taken to score an empty surf break chasing 3rd hand information.  And even IF you score that empty, firing break it still comes with all the unknowns:  Why isn't anybody else out?  Is it sharky?  Is it shallow reef?  Crazy currents?  Private access with ornery locals?  Surfers understand and appreciate that it's not just scoring waves, but it's also the excitement of the search and the cumulative reward of all the small discoveries along the journey...
Coconut palms patch found on the backside of Honolua Bay, Maui's NW corner
     Fortunately for me, my family does enjoy the journey most of the time and they appreciate the countless, beautiful, remote beaches, off the beaten path and OFF the resort property, discovered along the way!  Even if they need a break from surfing or there is no surf, they appreciate the simple pleasures of swimming withOUT a wet-suit, exploring, snorkeling and just absorbing the silence of being immersed in beautiful, exotic, remote nature that's different from what you're used to.  We even managed all of this with a 15 month old baby in tow, all made possible by a determined mother and a worthy rental mini-van, which became our UTILITY vehicle every day!  (Once you're dealing with several children and gear, practical FUNCTION overrides image and being hip very rapidly.  I'll choose a mini-van every time!)
with my family, Donna, Bryce & Summer - one of the countless empty beaches we found.
     To be sure, there were many hours spent at the resort pool, downing way too many cocktails, because of which I did feel like a lame tourist at times.  But ironically my closest sea-turtle encounter came while snorkeling at our resort beach.  Go figure - no search required!
     Pilots are over it - over all the packing, all the hotels, fancy resort pools, hotel bars, hotel beds - they're all disgusting and remind me of work.  I love my job as a pilot don't get me wrong, but airports, planes and hotels, even resorts, all remind me of work.  And they're all disgusting from a hygiene standpoint - it doesn't matter how many stars are attached to their rating.  But the wife and kids still appreciate the nice resorts and their only chance at being catered to, since they're not jaded and tainted yet.  So I need to humor them and remind my self that it is a FAMILY vacation, and that it is okay to not search for surf all day, but to simply chill by the pool with a Maui Brewing Company 'Coconut Porter' and experience the joy of watching my kids be kids while simply working on my I repeat to my self over and over, "I do not need to be productive every minute of the day."
Maui's Coconut Porter Bruddah

     Kids know how to have fun anywhere with anything and they know how to make new friends in a matter of seconds.  They truly know the gift of the 'precious present' and we adults need to learn how to properly enjoy our vacation like they do.  Just go with it and start by taking your watch off and turning off your cell phone.  But funny how life works: Just when you've finally settled into your vacation, are existing in the 'present moment', and have learned how to indulge in being a lazy slacker with no to-do list or daily objectives to be concerned with, GUESS WHAT?...Time's up and it's time to fly back home!  But not to worry if you live in Encinitas - 'Surf Town USA' and my permanent stay-cation home:)  And now some photos...
Me surfing Kaanapali be honest this is break is right out front of several world-class resorts haha, but still fun:)
My daughter Bryce scoring.  She scored the most waves of any of us & it definitely counts as a surf trip for her:)

I have a strange curiosity about abandoned buildings and discovered this empty train depot right in Lahaina...
Bryce & Donna living in the moment

Maui's Lahaina Sugar-Cane Train Depot
Bryce surfing & skating in Maui's west side, and snorkeling with a sea turtle...above video via youtube.
Direct link: Video of Bryce surfing & skating Lahaina's new skatepark

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