Monday, June 4, 2012

Official Trailer: 'Guide to Athletic ABS!' DVD

     The trailer is released for my 'Guide to Athletic ABS!' DVD - a follow up to the material I brought you 3 years ago in my original Guide to Amazing ABS! DVD.  I partnered with Gregory Mantell Productions for this one and it is all NEW material and better.  How can I claim it's better??  Because during the past 3 years I've become even smarter about sculpting lean Abs, reducing inflammatory apple-shape torsos, reducing internal belly fat, improving body composition, combating Metabolic Syndrome (X), and applying my holistic-method.  So check out the trailer below.  The DVD should be avail by the end of this month and we may also release it for streaming on the internet since nobody really buys DVDs anymore.  We will let you know when and where you can get it!  Big shout-out to my cohost, Mrs. Chelsea Cruz!

Max Wettstein with co-host Chelsea Cruz. Encinitas, CA

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