Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learn Something From Your Kids: Get Outside & PLAY!

...Learn how to be active and PLAY again!  Learn how to get out of your chair, get off the sidelines and truly move your body for sport and FUN again.  Get out there and join your kids and get more involved at their level.  What's the alternative?...Continue to stiffen up, atrophy and LOSE what you're not using.  Bond with your kids.  Maybe its a bit much to ask you to actually play their respective sport with them, so how about getting more involved by coaching or assisting their practices?  Or helping them build a tree house or a BMX track in the backyard?  Teach them how to plant a garden or do yard work together - chores rock!  What's that?...You bond with your children by playing VIDEO GAMES??

     Are you kidding me right now?!  Shame on you!  We don't own that crap - never have and never will.  Video games are actually a factor in elevated childhood obesity rates.  If you consider Wii exercise, you seriously need to re-evaluate the sendentary lifestyle that is penetrating your home.  Think about it - you sit all day at the office and your children spend a lot of their day sitting at school.  Studies show that longterm, chronic sitting basically shortens your lifespan.  What about indoor pollutants?  Seriously get outside and go for a hike or a bike ride.  Go into nature and inhale some negative ions which are prove to enlighten your mood!  They're virtually non-existent indoors especially in airconditioned air.  Plus sunlight boosts seretonin levels - the 'pleasant' neurotransmitter, which converts into melatonin at night, to help you fall asleep!  And sunlight produces abundant amounts of usable Vitamin D!!
     It's no secret that lately I've become obsessed with coaching my daughter in surfing, skateboarding & volleyball and that we've had not only major fun, but she has inspired me to actually focus on my health & longevity so I can live longer, and continue to participate in these activities with her for years to come.  I mean, coaching is only so fun - I want to be shredding on my board too!  Now get out there and be a kid again!

All this play time has paid off too.  My daughter is now a world-ranked & sponsored athlete at age 8 in both surfing & skateboarding, and, she loves to exercise & train with me!  World Class ATHLETE Bryce Wettstein! 

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