Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Your #1 WEB-based Exercise TRAINER!

First & now for the iPhone App 'Fitness Buddy' , I have been hired as the production exercise subject matter expert & trainer to properly demonstrate over 1500 exercises to include photos, .gif animations & HD video.  This is no coincidence: I've been playing sports, training clients & fitness modeling for over 20 years.  I'm also a published author in the field of holistic health, and the resident fitness advisor to my pilot peers over at JetBlue and there are over 2500 of us!  I was also chosen to be the exercise & cover model for Men's Health Big Book of Exercises & The ABS Diet books 1 & 2.  In fact I've probably demonstrated over 5000 exercises, including inventing a few of my own!  Does your trainer still have you trying to max out your benchpress, or wobbling on some sketchy bosu or balance ball while doing isolation curls?  When in doubt you can look to web-based training with me!  Lastly be sure to check out my website Current Events page for all my latest antics!  Sincerely, Max Wettstein  Note: Fitness Buddy App won't be fully live & updated until early 2012.

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