Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go Ahead & INDULGE this Thanksgiving!

It's ONE day out of the entire year.  You've waited 364 days for it.  You've had time to phsyically prep for it (be creating a calorie deficit on Wednesday)...so enjoy it!  Indulge & ENJOY your Thanksgiving holiday with your family & friends for goodness sake!  This is a day to relax your normal diet standards and indulge.  You deserve it!  There is no need to attempt to watch what you eat or moderate your calories in my opinion.  Your holiday eating strategy should only be not to eat too much bread or appetizers early-on because you might get too full to enjoy the good stuff like turkey & gravy, and pie afterwards!  Listen, one day of over-indulgence is going to have ZERO net impact on your weight-loss or fitness goals.  Any weight gain will be temporary in nature, mostly due to carbohydrate-loading & water-retention.  Your body will automatically seek its normal homeostasis weight within 1 day.  If nothing else you'll be stronger during Friday's workout due to your 'carb-loading', so capitalize on this.  You may weigh your self Friday morning for FUN & CURIOSITY only - NO GUILT is allowed!!  One good bout of cardio on Friday and your weight & waistline will rebound for sure.  Check out this video blog where I tell you & the diet-Nazis to CHILL OUT...

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