Monday, August 20, 2012

Heavy Bag Workout with Max Wettstein - NEW Video!

     I had taken some time off from producing my own fitness videos although I did co-produce my new 'Athletic ABS!' series with Gregory Mantell, which is still being released one chapter at a time, FREE via his YouTube channel.  But my own YouTube channel subscribers have been screaming for more fitness videos from me and some have about given up on me!  I've been busy being a family man, coaching my daughter and producing her sk8 & surf media, plus I needed a 'creativity break', and with already over 130 videos completely produced & edited by me, I had already covered just about every type of workout there was! ...Well not really, since there are INFINITE ways to workout, but you get the point!  Well anyway I'm BACK, this time with my 'Heavy Bag Workout' !  It's a good one, full of my best energy and highest motivational level!  I have been training on this heavy bag since December, but wanted to do it right so I waited a while to make a video.

     What I want folks to remember while watching this new training video, is that I'm using the heavy bag for FITNESS purposes primarily - not trying to become a boxer or MMA fighter!  Of course I get rather intense because it makes it a more effective workout, and its more fun to pretend the bag is your enemy rather than just an inert bag of sand - you will punch and kick harder and think about keeping your guard up, and 'bobbing & weaving', IF you seriously imagine a human opponent in front of you instead of just a punching bag.  So get into it!  The video is embedded HERE...
     What I like about the heavy bag workout as well, it is an effective HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout:  Punch and kick for about 45 seconds or so, then recover for a minute and repeat.  You can also mix in jump-rope, break-downs, burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, box jumps, or whatever else you like to make it a full cross-training circuit, combining both strength and cardio, and of course, full-body FUNctional fitness with heavy CORE emphasis.  It's definitely a cardio workout as well, because believe me, after striking the bag for about 45 seconds you will be fully in 'oxygen-debt' and feeling the coveted 'lactic-acid burn': Both necessary for HIIT and both of which help trigger Growth Hormone - the most powerful lean-body mass promoting hormone we make.
   Lastly, while I did come up wrestling in high school and college, and did receive boxing training in the military I do NOT claim to be using perfect form!  So all you boxing and MMA critics: SILENCE!  This is about FITNESS!  Because you can't really get hurt striking a bag unless you're an idiot (it doesn't punch back;) - but you can have a really fun, effective and dynamic workout!  So yes wear gloves and warm-up, but don't sweat having perfect form or technique on this one.  Just go out and start pounding and venting your stress & angst and blow off some steam!  Enjoy!
Max Wettstein
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