Friday, October 7, 2011

Max's Morning ALKALIZING Tonic Recipe with Video!

     Every morning I try to kickstart my energy & health, when I have a truly EMPTY stomach, by ALKALIZING or Alkalinizing my body and (to a very slight degree) my systemic pH through drinking a traditional, holistic 'tonic' comprised of mostly pure warm water mixed with the juice of half a fresh lemon.  This is the basis for my morning tonic recipe, which I did NOT invent and has been consumed by thousands of alkalizing-health enthusiasts for hundreds of years before me!  However, I've tweaked it and made it more powerful in my opinion by adding a few more super ingredients such as: a tsp of raw apple-cider vinegar; a tsp of liquid chlorophyll, and finally a heaping tsp of essential amino-acid L-Glutamine (the most abundantly used amino acid by the body which it cannot make!)  Glutamine is a powerful healer and immune-booster!

     The GREEN liquid chlorophyll is a natural, mild cleanse is very alkaline of course since it is raw and comes straight from green plants (mint leaves).  The raw apple-cider vinegar's health effects are anecdotal to be perfectly honest, but thousands have sworn by it's invigorating & alkalizing effects for years!  It also has a mild laxative-effect in the G.I. tract.

     More on pH (from my website)  Video attached showing how I prepare it!:

     Max shares his morning 'tonic' recipe for what has been a common morning ritual for hundreds of years among natural health enthusiasts and alternative medicine practitioners.  Max's morning drink kick-starts your day by alkalizing your body, balancing your stomach pH, stimulating your G.I. tract and promoting detox.  So simple & quick to make, yet so powerful!
     All illness thrives in a systemic acidic environment.  Our blood is tightly regulated to maintain a slight-alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.45.  However, all animal-based foods and all processed, refined foods are acidic in nature.  Wouldn't it be nice to give your body a helping hand every morning upon waking?
     Watch how Max makes his version of this longstanding holistic health tradition:

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